Gemma Collins shares huge weight loss and the diet that made it possible

Gemma Collins shows off dramatic weight-loss in social media video
-Credit: (Image: gemmacollins/Instagram)

Former TOWIE sensation Gemma Collins has been open about her weight-loss odyssey, and it seems her dedication is reaping rewards as she flaunted a trimmer figure in a recent social media video. The 43 year old telly favourite and entrepreneur was seen modelling some snazzy leggings when admirers noticed her flatter stomach and leaner pins.

In the clip, Gemma sought tips for keeping the leggings snug, mentioning they tended to slip down as the evening wore on. The reality star credited her slimming success to the Fibre First diet, giving a nod to its creator, Steve Bennett.

Her words of gratitude were clear: "Thank you to @stevebennettmhp #fibrefirst guys get on this it takes time slowly slowly slowly then BOOM. So this video is me having to get my trousers adjusted in shock."

Steve, who himself transitioned from overweight to fit thanks to his Fibre First regimen, seems to have provided Gemma with the perfect solution after various attempts at weight loss. Earlier in the year, "The GC" voiced frustration over shedding barely a pound despite intense daily exercise routines.

She took to Instagram to share her resolve, posting a holiday video clad in a vivid pink bikini and speaking about her determination to persevere, reports the Mirror. She quipped: "Against all odds and eating chicken for a whole week with water working out 2 hours a day and loosing a quarter. Yes I repeat a quarter of a pound.

"My heart being ripped out why me, why can I master everything except weight loss? " She further added: "Well I'm gonna keep showing up and I'm gonna keep going against all odds but some days it just breaks you. Shout out too all the people who feel this. Can you IMAGINE! ! ! Eating a handful of chicken and water for a whole week and working out I was shook."

Despite her fortune made from TOWIE, Gemma appears ready to retire from television and work on a market stall instead. In a chat with the Daily Star, she revealed: "I'd love to run market stalls. I'd happily do that tomorrow. I'd sell plants and plus-size dresses. It's what the people want. I know I'd kill it. ".

She went on to say: "I've had conversations about having a market stall, but my agent won't let me do it because it wouldn't make as much money. But if I'm passionate about something then I like to do it. It's never about the money for me. I like being with people. What's meant to be will be."