General election 2024: The candidates standing in Cardiff North

The Cardiff North constituency has previously been a Conservative vs Labour battleground but has been held by Labour since 2017. There are minor changes to the boundary for this election.

The seat is all the previous Cardiff North seat with 4.7% of Pontypridd and 0.1% of Cardiff South and Penarth, both Labour seats. The boundaries of all but one Welsh seat have changed ahead of the 2024 election, only Ynys Mon (the island of Anglesey) remains untouched, all others have seen changes which could impact the results on election night on July 4, 2024. You can read the background to the changes here.

Instead of 40 constituencies, there are now 32 in Wales and the idea behind it is to make all Westminster constituencies the same size.

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The election is taking place on Thursday, July 4 and 32 MPs will be elected to represent Wales.

Where does the constituency cover?

It includes areas such as Whitchurch and Tongwynlais, Rhiwbina, Llanishen, Lisvane and Pontprennau/Old St Mellons.

You can also find your constituency by entering your postcode here:

What happened in the general election in 2019

Who is standing?

  • Laurence Douglas Gwynn (Reform UK)

  • Irfan Latif (Lib Dem)

  • Anna McMorrin (Labour)

  • Malcolm Phillips (Plaid Cymru)

  • Meg Shepherd-Foster (Green Party)

  • Joel Williams (Conservatives)

The list of candidates will be updated here as names are confirmed.

The candidates

Each candidate is being asked the same questions, and their answers will be posted below:

Irfan Latif - Liberal Democrat

My name is Irfan Latif, I am 51 years old, and I am of British-Pakistani origin. I have been a resident of Cardiff for the past 24 years. I am the proud father of four sons and one daughter. As a qualified multi-skilled engineer, I serve as the Director of my own drop shipping company. I have been an active member of the Liberal Democrats since 2022.

I hold a HND in Electronics and I have a bachelor’s degree in political science. I continually strive to enhance my leadership skills through studies in Dynamic Leadership and Public Speaking at the Toastmaster Academy. Recently, I have taken on roles as an executive member and events officer for the Cardiff and Vale Liberal Democrats.

In my spare time, I enjoy community work, gardening, and walking. My commitment to both my professional and personal growth reflects my dedication to making a positive impact in my community.

Name a policy you want to see become law if elected as an MP?

I would advocate for a comprehensive “Green Infrastructure and Jobs Act.” This policy aims to address both environmental sustainability and economic revitalization through a multi-faceted approach.

The act would include significant investment in renewable energy projects, such as wind, solar, and tidal power, capitalizing on the UK’s natural resources. It would also fund the modernization of public transportation, enhancing rail and bus networks to reduce carbon emissions and improve connectivity. Additionally, it would support extensive vocational training programs to equip workers with skills for green jobs, particularly in areas hardest hit by industrial decline.

By creating new employment opportunities in sustainable industries and improving infrastructure, this policy not only addresses climate change but also promotes economic growth and social equity. This proactive approach ensures that the UK leads in the global transition to a green economy while enhancing the quality of life for its citizens.

What’s the biggest issue facing Wales and what will you do to fix it?

The biggest issue facing Wales is economic disparity, particularly in post-industrial areas struggling with high unemployment and limited opportunities. To address this, I would implement a "Wales Economic Revitalization Plan."

This plan would focus on investing in green industries such as renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, creating jobs and promoting environmental sustainability. Enhancing infrastructure, including modernizing transportation networks, and ensuring high-speed internet access across Wales, is also crucial. This would improve connectivity and attract businesses.

Additionally, I would support local businesses through grants and low interest loans and establish innovation hubs to foster entrepreneurship. Strengthening education and vocational training, particularly in STEM fields, would prepare the workforce for high-tech and green jobs.

By addressing these key areas, the plan would reduce economic disparity, stimulate sustainable development, and ensure long-term prosperity for all Welsh communities.

Who has been the best British Prime Minister and why?

Winston Churchill is often considered the best British Prime Minister due to his exceptional leadership during World War II. His ability to inspire and unite the British people during their darkest hours was unparalleled. Churchill's speeches and unwavering resolve provided the morale boost needed to withstand and eventually overcome the Nazi threat.

Strategically, he forged crucial alliances with the United States and the Soviet Union, which were vital to the Allied victory. Churchill's foresight in recognizing the importance of these partnerships helped shape the post-war order.

Beyond the war, Churchill's advocacy for European unity and his "Iron Curtain" speech were influential in shaping the early Cold War landscape. His contributions to both national and international politics left a lasting legacy, cementing his reputation as a remarkable leader who not only led Britain through a pivotal period but also shaped the course of modern history.

Anna McMorrin - Labour

Anna McMorrin, Labour candidate for Cardiff North
Welsh Lib Dem candidate for Cardiff North Irfan Latif -Credit:Liberal Democrats

An MP for seven years, I’m a single mum to two amazing daughters, and my dog Cadi. The brilliant community atmosphere at ION Cardiff gym is my regular escape and I’m looking forward to seeing Taylor Swift in Cardiff!

Before being elected, I worked with the UN on the Paris Climate agreement and as a Special Adviser in the Welsh Government. I’m proud to have brought forward legislation on recycling and helped bring our Future Generations Act to fruition.

Name a policy you want to see become law if elected as an MP

The creation of GB Energy would be life changing for so many across the UK. It will create jobs, build a green economy and lower your energy bills.

What's the biggest issue facing Wales and what will you do to fix it?

The rising cost of living has impacted so many. After 14 years of Tory chaos, Labour will focus on stabilising the economy and bringing down your bills.

Who has been the best British Prime Minister and why?

Attlee is one of my heroes. He brought forward change by creating the NHS, the welfare state and building over a million homes.

Joel Williams - Conservative

Joel Williams, Conservative candidate for Cardiff North
Anna McMorrin, Labour candidate for Cardiff North -Credit:Labour Party

I’m Joel Williams, I’m 28 and was born and raised in Cardiff. My dad is a teacher and my mum works for the local council. I was elected to Cardiff Council in May 2017 and re-elected in May 2022, representing Pontprennau and Old St Mellons, in the North of the City. I studied law at Cardiff University and was called to the Bar as a barrister of England and Wales. Professionally I am an Employment Specialist and this role involves undertaking complex investigations in the workplace.

Name a policy you want to see become law if elected as an MP

I would campaign to see the introduction of the “Personal Allowance Protection Act”. This law would ensure the personal allowance; the amount of money we can earn before paying income tax is paired with the full-time living wage equivalent amount and rise accordingly. This would mean the first living wage amount an individual earns is not subject to income tax. This law would ensure workers can keep more of the money they make and work hard for and incentivise work. As an MP I will be an uncompromising champion for those who work.

What's the biggest issue facing Wales and what will you do to fix it?

Since devolution Wales has gone into reverse. In campaigning for devolution, Tony Blair and the Labour Party claimed it would improve public services and our economy; the opposite has happened. The Labour Party are destroying Wales and their illogical approach to business, job creation and transport is harming Wales. As a politician you have to be a salesman for your country. I would seek to promote Wales to businesses and entrepreneurs and improve transport because the more well-paid jobs we secure, we prosper, reduce poverty and better fund our public services.

Who has been the best British Prime Minister and why?

Winston Churchill was one of the nation’s greatest Prime Ministers. He led our country throughout much of World War II, and his leadership and wisdom was pivotal in securing victory over Adolf Hitler and the horrors of evil and tyranny.