General election 2024: The candidates standing in Cardiff South and Penarth

Around a third of the existing Cardiff South and Penarth constituency, a safe Labour seat, is changing this election. The boundaries of all but one Welsh seat have changed ahead of the 2024 election, only Ynys Mon (the island of Anglesey) remains untouched, all others have seen changes which could impact the results on election night.

You can read the background to the changes here. Instead of 40 constituencies, there are now 32 in Wales and the idea behind it is to make all Westminster constituencies the same size.

Using figures from electoral calculus, we can see that this new constituency will see 67.5% of the former Cardiff South and Penarth along with 21.8% of Cardiff Central and 8.3% of the Vale of Glamorgan added.

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The election is taking place on Thursday, July 4 and 32 MPs will be elected to represent Wales.

Where does the constituency cover?

It includes areas like Dinas Powys, Llandough, Stanwell, Butetown and Splott.

You can also find your constituency by entering your postcode here:

What happened in the general election in 2019

Who is standing?

  • Stephen Doughty (Labour)

  • Simon Andrew Llewellyn (Reform UK)

  • Sharifah Rahman (Plaid Cymru)

  • Anthony David Slaughter (Green Party)

  • Ellis Smith (Conservatives)

  • Alex Wilson (Lib Dem)

The candidates

All candidates are being asked the same questions, and their answers will be added here once received.

Stephen Doughty - Labour

Stephen Doughty, Labour candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth
Stephen Doughty, Labour candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth

I’m 44, and brought up in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan and have lived in many places locally. I’ve had the honour to serve Cardiff South and Penarth for nearly 12 years since I was first elected, and hope to continue to do so on the new boundaries. Most recently I am serving as Labour’s Shadow Minister for Europe, North America and the Overseas Territories. I worked for a number of humanitarian organisations on health, education, human rights, conflict and climate change, and in the last Labour Government before being elected, and have done many other jobs. In the past I have also served as an Army Reservist and Cub/Scout Leader. In my spare time, as well as supporting the Bluebirds, I love singing, walking, swimming and travel.

Name a policy you want to see become law if elected as an MP

Labour’s guarantee to under-25s of a job, education, training or self-employment requires a range of policies and legislation - but is absolutely crucial to give hope to our younger generations and ensure we make use of all talents. And in a diverse community like Cardiff South and Penarth it’s crucial we also ensure chances to thrive and succeed are available equally. There should be no limits on the ambitions of our next generation.

What's the biggest issue facing Wales and what will you do to fix it?

How we seize both the urgency and opportunities of green transition and tackling climate change over the coming crucial decade. Labour’s bold plans for green investment and unlocking Wales’ green energy potential especially in renewables and our plans for GB Energy offer new hope and are absolutely crucial.

Who has been the best British Prime Minister and why?

Churchill saved the country in our darkest hour, but since 1945, I would have to say Attlee - who brought new hope to the country after the death and destruction of World War II and helped lay the foundations of our modern society, including the NHS and key global organisations including the UN and NATO. Of course I also have a soft spot for my constituency predecessor Jim Callaghan, and worked closely with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.