General election 2024: The candidates standing in Gower

The new look Gower constituency will include almost all the previous areas, as well as some of both Swansea West and Swansea East. Gower has previously been interesting electorally with the Conservatives taking the seat in 2015 by just 27 votes.

It has been held by Labour's Tonia Antoniazzi since 2017.

The boundaries of all but one Welsh seat have changed ahead of the 2024 election, only Ynys Mon (the island of Anglesey) remains untouched, all others have seen changes which could impact the results on election night. You can read the background to the changes here.

Instead of 40 constituencies, there are now 32 in Wales and the idea behind it is to make all Westminster constituencies the same size. Using figures from electoral calculus, we can see how this constituency is changing. It is 90.8% of the old Gower constituency with 33.9% of Swansea West and 1% of Swansea East added.

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The election is taking place on Thursday, July 4 and 32 MPs will be elected to represent Wales.

Where does the constituency cover?

It includes the wards of Penclawdd, West Cross, Pennard, Mawr and Pontardulais.

You can also find your constituency by entering your postcode here:

What happened in the general election in 2019

Who is standing?

  • Tonia Antoniazzi (Labour)

  • Franck Ngoie Banza (Lib Dem)

  • Wayne Erasmus (Independent)

  • Chris Evans (Green Party)

  • Marc Rhys Jenkins (Conservatives)

  • Kieran Thomas Pritchard (Plaid Cymru)

  • Catrin Thomas (Reform UK)

The candidates

All candidates are being asked the same questions, and their answers will be added here once received.

Marc Rhys Jenkins - Conservative

Marc Jenkins, Conservative candidate for Gower
Marc Jenkins, Conservative candidate for Gower

I'm Marc Jenkins and have had a diverse career, starting as an Olympic triathlete, which gave me a strong foundation in discipline and resilience. Alongside my wife, Helen, who is also an Olympian, we have dedicated our lives to sports and family. We have two young children who inspire me daily to work towards a better future for our community and country.

In addition to my sporting career, I have a deep commitment to community service. This led me to establish a charity focused on promoting health and well-being through sports, providing opportunities for young people to engage in physical activities and develop their potential. Our charity works to ensure that everyone, regardless of background, has the chance to experience the benefits of sports and an active lifestyle.

Despite my involvement in politics, I do not see myself as a typical politician; instead, I am driven by a desire to make a genuine difference in our society.

Name a policy you want to see become law if elected as an MP

If elected as an MP, I am committed to seeing a policy that restores integrity and honesty in our politics become law. This policy would enforce strict transparency measures and a rigorous adherence to the ministerial code, ensuring that decisions are always made in the best interest of the people, rather than for personal or political gain. I am entering politics to help this country and most importantly represent Gower.

By implementing these reforms, my goal is to rebuild trust in our political system, demonstrating a commitment to the values of transparency, accountability, and service to the community.

What's the biggest issue facing Wales and what will you do to fix it?

The biggest issue facing Wales today is the inadequate performance of our public services, particularly in healthcare and education. Under 25 years of Welsh Labour governance, these critical areas have consistently underperformed compared to the rest of the UK. If elected, I will advocate for comprehensive reforms from Westminster to address these shortcomings. While this is a devolved matter, there needs to be increased scrutiny and involvement to ensure a patient or student in Wales can expect the same level of service as England. By addressing these issues through legislative changes at the national level, I aim to improve the quality of life for all residents in Gower and across Wales.

Who has been the best British Prime Minister and why?

In my view, the best British Prime Minister has been Sir Winston Churchill. His leadership was instrumental in defending freedom and democracy against tyranny. As we mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day, it’s essential to remember Churchill’s unwavering resolve and inspirational leadership during one of the darkest times in our history. His ability to unite the nation and lead with courage and conviction provided a foundation for victory and peace. As we see war in Europe and increased conflicts around the world, we should draw inspiration from Churchill's example.