General Election 2024 - The candidates standing in Ynys Môn

Ynys Môn will be fiercely contested in a three-way fight between Labour, Plaid Cymru and the Conservatives, who claimed the seat in 2019. It is the only Welsh seat not affected by a boundary review as it was given protected status as an island.

The boundaries of all but one Welsh seat have changed ahead of the 2024 election, only Ynys Mon (the island of Anglesey) remains untouched, all others have seen changes which could impact the results on election night. You can read the background to the changes here.

Instead of 40 constituencies, there are now 32 in Wales and the idea behind it is to make all Westminster constituencies the same size.

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Where does the constituency cover?

The whole island.

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What happened in the 2019 general election?

Who is standing?

  • Virginia Ann Crosbie (Conservatives)

  • Leena Sarah Farhat (Lib Dem)

  • Emmett Jenner (Reform UK)

  • Llinos Medi (Plaid Cymru)

  • Martin Schwaller (Green Party)

  • Sir Grumpus L Shorticus (Monster Raving Loony Party)

  • Ieuan Môn Williams (Labour)

  • Sam Andrew Wood (Libertarian Party)