General Election 2024: Full list of candidates for Weston-super-Mare

The five people standing to be the Member of Parliament for Weston-super-Mare have now been confirmed.

Conservative MP John Penrose is running for re-election, while Dan Aldridge is hoping to win the town for Labour for the first time. The Liberal Democrats and Green Party candidates are both councillors on North Somerset Council, while Reform also have a candidate in the race for the seaside town constituency.

This is the first general election where voters will need to take an accepted form of photo ID with them to vote at a polling station. It is also the first election with new constituency boundaries, which see most of the villages east of Locking and Elborough move into the Wells and Mendip Hills constituency.

If you are not yet registered to vote, you need to register to vote by June 18 here. You can sign up for a postal vote until 5pm on June 19 here or sign up for a proxy vote until 5pm on June 26 here.

There are 20 accepted forms of photo ID which you can show at a polling station when you vote. You can check that your ID is on the list, and you have until 5pm on June 26 to sign up for a Voter Authority Certificate if it is not, here.

Candidates nominated for North Somerset are:

  • Labour: Daniel Aldridge

  • Green: Thomas Daw

  • Liberal Democrat: Patrick Keating

  • Reform UK: Richard Pearse

  • Conservative: John Penrose