General Election 2024: Immigration is top concern for Coventry voters as big election survey results revealed

Coventry was named one of the top places for a staycation in a Which? survey
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Voters in Coventry say immigration is their top concern when it comes to deciding who to vote for. With just hours to go until polls open CoventryLive publishes the results of our Big General Election Survey which aims to look in detail at the issues most on people’s minds when it comes to deciding who should run the country.

And it is looking like bad news for the Tories, with around half of people saying that Rishi Sunak has not done a good job as Prime Minister. Voters are also unhappy with how Brexit has played out, with 57 per cent saying it has made life worse, with a further 26 per cent saying it had made no difference.

Coventry voters backed Brexit by a large majority in the referendum back in 2016.

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There are similar concerns about the NHS, with 76 per cent saying that the service has declined since the Conservatives took power. Around 18 per cent said there was no difference while just five per cent said the NHS has improved.

And on life in general people largely feel like this has declined in Coventry in recent years. When asked to rank how happy they are with life in the city compared to five years ago on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest, 75 per cent rated it 5 or below. Just 25 per cent said it was 6 or above.

When it comes to the issues people care most about 39 per cent of people mentioned immigration as their top concern. Just under 20 per cent said the economy with a similar number listing the NHS. Education, conflict in the Middle East and the environment were each the top concerns for two per cent of people while four per cent voted for housing and nine per cent for crime.

And the results show that plenty of people are willing to change their party loyalty, with 48 per cent saying they would be voting for a different political party than they did in the last General Election in 2019.

We also asked about transport, and what area needs the most urgent improvement in Coventry. Voters overwhelmingly said roads should be a priority, with buses, trains and light rail attracting just a handful of people.

CoventryLive will be running a live blog with all the local and national news on the night of the General Election count. Check the homepage for all the latest.

We also quizzed the candidates standing in each of the Coventry seats. You can read the answers for Coventry East here , Coventry North West here and Coventry South here .

There’s also lots of information available on our dedicated General Election page , from big name visits to our area to what time results are expected and what ID you will need to take with you to vote.

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