General Hospital spoilers: Josslyn goes to Sonny to save Carly?

 Eden McCoy as Josslyn talking in General Hospital.
Eden McCoy, General Hospital. | Credit: Disney

General Hospital’s Carly (Laura Wright) is currently stuck in the middle of a rock and a hard place, and doesn’t have many good options in front of her to get out of her predicament.

As viewers know, John Cates (Adam J. Harrington) and the FBI have an audio file of Carly stating she was in charge of the Corinithos organization when Sonny (Maurice Benard) was presumed dead. She became a temporary queenpin to protect her family, and although she didn’t commit anything illegal necessarily, her simply admitting to being a crime boss put her in the crosshairs of law enforcement. The only thing keeping her from being arrested is the fact that Jason (Steve Burton) agreed to work as an FBI informant to spy on Pikeman.

Now ever since Sam (Kelly Monaco) shared all of this information with Carly, the Metro Court owner has felt incredibly guilty that Jason put his life on hold for her. She desperately wants to turn herself into the authorities and take her chances in court to beat any charges, but Jason has pressed her not to do so. He feels her saying something will mean his sacrifice would have been for nothing. So far, Carly has agreed to keep quiet, but again, doing nothing isn’t her strong suit.

Laura Wright as Carly in black in General Hospital
Laura Wright as Carly in black in General Hospital

During the week of July 1, it looks like Carly will share her predicament with Josslyn (Eden McCoy). The mother/daughter duo is extremely close, and Josslyn is sure to be taken aback by the news, and may even come to blame Sonny for her mother’s current predicament. Carly will probably take ownership of her actions and float the idea to her daughter that she wants to turn herself into the authorities. Obviously not wanting her mother in prison, Josslyn is likely to demand her mother listen to Jason.

While Josslyn may instruct her mother to sit still, we don’t think Josslyn will. The young woman is certainly her mother’s child, and as such is the case, it’s easy to imagine her making a move of her own. We think Josslyn may find herself going to Sonny.

So far, Sonny has no idea why Jason is working with the FBI. If Josslyn reveals the truth, it could make Sonny start to feel guilty for the way he’s been treating Carly and especially Jason, and Sonny could decide he needs to do what he can to help them out of this trouble.

Maurice Benard as Sonny upset in General Hospital
Maurice Benard as Sonny upset in General Hospital

The only card we think Sonny could play to help is turning to Brick (Stephen A. Smith). Although Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) wasn’t able to delete the audio, perhaps Brick can delete it or even corrupt the file. If this isn't an option, then maybe Sonny could have Brick dig up some dirt on John that paints the FBI agent as a dirty agent with a vendetta, perhaps leading to a potential case against Carly getting tossed.

Now the most chivalrous thing Sonny could do is offer himself to John and the FBI if they agree to never prosecute Carly, but that’s not likely to happen. With him on the brink of a custody war with Ava (Maura West), he has to look beyond reproach in front of the court.

This may all be theory at the moment, but we’re hoping Josslyn does tell Sonny the truth. If he just had the information, he could finally stop giving his best friend Jason the cold shoulder.

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