General Strike Kicks Off in French Guiana Over Crime and Unemployment

A general strike was launched in French Guiana on Monday, March 27, to protest record crime levels and high unemployment rates plaguing the territory.

The strike was called by a collective called The 500 Brothers, which formed in February after the murder of a resident in a Cayenne neighbourhood. Members are easily recognisable by their black outfits and masks. In the last week they have closed the Cayenne town hall and blocked roads leading to the European Space Agency’s Kourou space centre, forcing the delay of a rocket launch.

This video shows an event staged by the collective on Saturday evening, along a main road leading into Cayenne.

The group has the support of 37 unions and has called for the French government to send its most senior politicians to the territory to address the crisis. On Monday, French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said he would send a ministerial team by the end of the week. Credit: YouTube/G&US PRODUCTIONS via Storyful