Genius hack to watch England vs Spain if you're working during Euros final

A group of people watching football on a TV
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

For the first time since their 1966 World Cup triumph, England's men's team could be on the brink of making football come home again.

Fresh from their 2-1 win against The Netherlands on Thursday night (July 10), England secured a spot in the UEFA Euro 2024 final where they'll square off with Spain on Sunday (July 14). It's a significant event if victorious, it will be the first time the men's team hoists the Euros trophy, emulating the Lionesses' momentous success in 2022.

With the nation set to pause and watch, countless Brits are gearing up to see if Gareth Southgate and his squad can end the long wait for glory.

However, not everyone has the luxury of watching the match unfold: if you're slated to work this weekend, particularly if your job is in industries such as retail, public transport, or any sector that doesn't stop for the weekend, chances are you might miss out on the sporting spectacle.

Yet, for those cunning enough to consider an undercover approach to viewing, Walkers Crisps might just have devised an ingenious workaround. Should you happen to bring along a bag of crisps, placing your phone inside an empty packet could be your covert ticket to catching the action sans detection by the management.

A tip-top suggestion from the snack brand appeared on their Instagram, showing exactly how to pull off this clever ruse. Paired with an image of a concealed mobile snuggled within the crisp packet, Walkers advised on Instagram: "The just in case you're 'working' late pack hack."

Their caption continued with a knowing nod: "Working late? You're welcome."

Meanwhile, employees at Tesco Express stores won't have to resort to this clever trick when they head to work on Sunday. Tesco confirmed it will be closing shops early to allow staff to get home in time for the game.

Tesco announced over 1,800 of its Express stores will close at 7.30pm instead of the usual 10pm or 11pm. Larger Tesco stores will be closed during the Euros final anyway, due to Sunday trading hours.