‘Genuinely sinister’ claim as verdict delivered on Nottingham Forest appeal decision

Nottingham Forest fans at the City Ground.
Flying the flag... Forest fans at the City Ground. -Credit:Alex Livesey

Nottingham Forest’s four-point penalty for breaching Premier League financial rules has been upheld by an independent appeal board.

The club were hit with the original sanction by an independent commission for breaching permitted losses by £34.5m in the assessment period ending with the 2022-23 season. They quickly indicated their intention to appeal, but the panel has upheld the original penalty.

With two games of the season to go, the decision means Forest remain on 29 points, three above the relegation zone. Luton are next worst off, actually in the drop zone on 26 points, closely followed by Burnley on 24. This weekend, the three clubs play Chelsea (h), West Ham (a) and Tottenham (a). Then Forest and Burnley clash at Turf Moor on the final day.

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News of the appeal decision has prompted comment from fans of rival clubs, particularly relegation-threatened Burnley and Luton Town, but also Everton and Arsenal.

Here is a taste of what they have been saying on social media…

FCBurnley: So the points deductions to Everton and Forest have made no difference whatsoever to them. Well that’s a great deterrent for all other teams.

Daveisaclaret: Feels genuinely sinister that they delayed the decision until the exact moment it didn't really matter. Probably there's good reason for it, but feels sinister.

Jedi_master: All set up for us to somehow win at Spurs and them to lose to Chelsea.

FollowEverton: Rumour has it the appeal committee were all Luton fans!

LutonEye: Disappointed they haven’t doubled it for a clearly spurious appeal. Fortunately we still need the FA & Premier League to adjudicate on the tweet questioning the integrity of the VAR officials a few weeks ago. That will surely mean relegation, given it is the second offence.

UpperGwladysBlue: Good. And maybe they shouldn’t have acted like spoilt brats the past two weeks, threatening to sue people. I can’t imagine that helped their cause.

Iain Crawford: Forest will stay up anyway… and Luton can’t riot against the PL. A predictable outcome.

CrosspoolClaret: Gap to safety would be zero if the Luton goal and Burnley goal at Forest had been correct decisions. We can argue some things balance out, but that against our key rivals does not. We are poor, but no worse than those two.

JohnBerry95: Doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t be relying on points deductions to keep us up across 38 games. We are where we are because we’re not good enough.

Quoonbeatz: I don't really care about any effects on us in this, the only punishment for both Everton and Forest should have been relegation. Glad we'll be out of it next season. The whole Premier League needs massive reform, but that's never happening now.

IFEOLUWANI: Points deduction for Everton, points deduction for Forest, but Man City with 115 charges are living their lives freely.

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