George Clooney says Julia Roberts’s improvised insults in Ticket to Paradise went ‘too far’

Julia Roberts and George Clooney have said they went a little overboard when improvising insults for each other on the set of their new romcom Ticket to Paradise.

In the movie, the pair play embittered exes who fly to Bali to stop their daughter (Kaitlyn Dever) from getting married to a local seaweed farmer (Maxime Bouttier).

In a post-credits scene, the duo sling put-downs at one another and, in a recent interview, the actors revealed a lot of them were improvised.

“Julia would take everything too far. I will tell you,” Clooney told SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show.

“George has no feelings,” Roberts said.

“The funny thing is, you could tell by the background artists who were standing around us when either of us took it too far, because they would react,” Clooney said.

Roberts said there were audible gasps from those who witnessed the comments, with Clooney adding: “It really was funny because there were a couple of times where I was like, ‘Too much?’”

In The Independent’s three-star review of the film, Clarisse Loughrey wrote: “Ticket to Paradise immediately recalls the tempestuous relationship Roberts and Clooney shared as the romantic leads of the Ocean’s Eleven films.

“Though they’ve racked up a fair amount of screen time together, including in 2016’s Money Monster, this is their first genuine romantic comedy as a pair. That it works is largely because their methods haven’t changed.”

Julia Roberts and George Clooney in 'Ticket to Paradise' (Universal Pictures)
Julia Roberts and George Clooney in 'Ticket to Paradise' (Universal Pictures)

Reflecting on the romantic scenes in the film earlier this month, Clooney said kissing Roberts on set was “ridiculous” and “like kissing your best friend”.

In another interview, Roberts opened up about her “dream come true” life with her husband Daniel Moder, and their three children.

Roberts, 54, has been married to Moder, 53, for nearly two decades. The actor and the cinematographer share twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 17, and son Henry, 15.

Ticket to Paradise is out now in the UK.