George Conway Explains Why Trump Is Unlikely to Be Acquitted in Hush Money Case | Video

Things aren’t looking good for Donald Trump, says George Conway. While speaking to MSNBC’s Katie Phang on Saturday, the attorney and conservative political pundit explained why he doesn’t think the former president will be acquitted in his hush money trial.

“The defense has its work cut out for it, but all the defense has to do is convince one juror to hang the group. I don’t think they can get an acquittal,” he said.

“I don’t think they’re going to get 12 votes unanimously to acquit him. I think their best shot, and that’s what they’re gonna do, is hope that there’s just some person on the jury who just refuses to convict,” he added.

“And I think that’s going to be really, really hard, with Trump having signed eight of those checks. And, also, the attempts — so much other evidence — but the attempts to basically conceal it all. I’m not sure how a good outcome, other than a luck of the draw mistrial on a hung jury—11 to 1, or 10 to 2—I don’t see a good outcome for Donald Trump from this.”

At the beginning of the interview, Conway noted that he doesn’t think the defense has managed to offer “some kind of an alternative explanation of the facts—that most of which really aren’t in dispute—that raises reasonable doubt.”

As the case heads into closing arguments on Tuesday, Conway predicted how it might go.

“I think what they’re going to be doing is they’re going to try to nitpick various aspects of Cohen’s testimony like they did that October 24 call where they said that Cohen only called Keith Schiller… Trump’s bodyguard, rather than speaking to Trump himself,” he added.

“And also they’re going to try to attempt to undermine Cohen’s credibility by repeating all the bad things he’s done and admitted to on the stand, including under direct testimony.”

The problem with that plan, Conway continued, is that “it doesn’t dispose of the entire timeline of evidence that shows that Donald Trump was neck deep involved in this scheme and this catch and kill scheme, which ended with the payment to Stormy Daniels and ended with Allen Weisselberg, who he didn’t testify, but there’s that damning document that shows how the whole of the reimbursement was for the porn star hush money payment was to be covered up by pretending it was a retainer and income to Cohen.”

Trump has pleaded not guilty to charges that he paid adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to stay quiet about an alleged affair the two engaged in. Daniels testified against Trump on May 8.

Watch the interview with George Conway in the video above.

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