George Conway on Trump’s fiery rhetoric to E. Jean Carroll lawyer: ‘Just appalling’

Conservative pundit George Conway went after former President Trump for his alleged conduct towards E. Jean Carroll’s lawyer during his recent defamation trial, calling him a “pig” and his conduct “appalling.”

“I mean, it’s just appalling,” Conway told CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins. on her show “The Source.” “I mean, he’s a pig, and the fact that he was president of the United States makes it all the more distressing.”

Kaplan claimed on a podcast hosted by Conway and released this week that Trump had a moment of notable emotion when his legal team offered Carroll’s attorney, Roberta “Robbie” Kaplan, lunch amid deposition at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

“He said, ‘Well, you’re here in Mar-a-Lago. What do you think you’re going to do for lunch? Where are you going to get lunch?’” she said during the podcast.

Kaplan said that the former president’s legal team had “graciously” offered lunch to her team at the resort.

“At which point there was a huge pile of documents, exhibits, sitting in front of him, and he took the pile and he just threw it across the table, and stormed out of the room,” the attorney added.

Kaplan also said she believed Trump used a euphemism for the C-word to disparage her as the deposition ended and she left.

“I say, ‘I’m done asking questions,’ and immediately I hear from the other side, ‘Off the record. Off the record. Off the record,’ so they must have planned it. And he looks at me from across the table and he says, ‘See you next Tuesday,’” Kaplan said.

“See you next Tuesday” can be used as shorthand for the C-word, due to the first two words sounding like the letters C and U, and the letters at the beginning of the next two words making up the rest of an acronym.

“I wouldn’t even say it was teenage boy-level conduct,” Conway said of Trump’s alleged actions in his interview with Collins. “It was just utterly, utterly childish.”

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