Georgia Harrison says her intimate situations will always be impacted by revenge porn hell

Georgia Harrison (PA Wire)
Georgia Harrison (PA Wire)

Georgia Harrison has spoken candidly about the impact her revenge porn hell has had on her health and personal relationships.

The former Love Island star admitted that she “will always fear” being secretly recorded following her horrifying experience at the hands of her ex Stephen Bear.

Bear, 33, is serving a 21 month jail sentence for voyeurism and two counts of disclosing private sexual photographs and films with intent to cause distress.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star shared footage of the pair having sex captured having sex on CCTV cameras in Bear’s garden to his OnlyFans account without her consent in 2020.

Harrison said she “spiraled into a dark depression” after discovering Bear had used their sex life for financial gain – and the ripple effect today means her relationships with men have been gravely impacted.

Speaking about her experience, she told MailOnline: “It’s definitely impacted the way I deal with intimate situations. Especially if I find myself in a relationship where it is going to become intimate or sexually active, I will always have this fear in the back of my head.

Bear was sentenced to 21 months in jail (PA Wire)
Bear was sentenced to 21 months in jail (PA Wire)

“Even though I feel safe, I think ‘Is there a camera? Is someone recording me?’ I always have this hypersensitivity. It’s definitely affected me with future relationships. I’m doing my best to work through it.”

The reality star added that following her experience with Bear she has found herself in a toxic circle of dating men who didn’t “value her worth”, but is now undergoing therapy to “get rid of the trauma patterns.”

She shared: “It bleeds into other relationships, and I worry because it lowered my self-worth so much that I’m naturally attracted to people that don’t value my worth. That’s something that I’m really trying to shake off.”

Following her harrowing ordeal, Harrison is set to tell her story in a new ITV2 documentary, Revenge Porn: Georgia vs Bear, set to air on Monday, March 20.