Georgia Mom Found Dead After Being Attacked by 'Several Aggressive Dogs,' Police Say

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said that 35-year-old Courtney Williams was found dead on May 9

<p>WALB</p> Scene of apparent dog attack in Georgia on May 9, 2024


Scene of apparent dog attack in Georgia on May 9, 2024

A Georgia mother was found dead earlier this week, just days before Mother's Day, following a dog attack that left "several" children — reportedly two of her own — hospitalized with injuries, authorities said.

On May 9, the body of 35-year-old Courtney Williams was discovered by police following reports of an apparent late-afternoon encounter with "several aggressive dogs," according to a press release from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

Local NBC and ABC affiliate WALB reported that the incident left two of her own children injured.

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In the release, the GBI said that authorities headed to Webster Road in Quitman around 4:45 p.m. local time following "a complaint of multiple minors being attacked by a dog."

Upon arrival, deputies for the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office spotted "several aggressive dogs on the property," per the GBI.

After the incident, which WALB reported happened at a bus stop behind Brooks County Middle School, a person transported "several minors to a local hospital."

Police then "subsequently located" Williams' body "in the yard of the home," per the GBI release. "An autopsy will be performed by the GBI Medical Examiner’s Office to determine the cause and manner of death," the release said.

<p>Google Maps</p> The Georgia Bureau of Investigation headquarters

Google Maps

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation headquarters

”I do feel for the family and for the kids because now they are going to have to celebrate Mother’s Day without their mother,” a neighbor told WALB.

Another Brooks County resident told the outlet that locals "dump dogs all over the county and no one can get help with them because there’s no county animal control."

"This is so sad,” they added.

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A tribute later shared on Facebook by a woman named Crystal Cox, who said she's Williams' sister-in-law, read that "the neighbor's dogs attacked her and the kids."

"Her son Kayden didn't get away fast enough as he pushed his sister out of harm's way," she continued.

"He was hurt pretty bad and [is] doing good, they stapled him up [he's] in pain and at my house resting," she added.

The GBI said that the case is "active and ongoing" and they are encouraging those with information to reach out to the GBI Investigative Office in Thomasville.

According to statistics shared by Forbes in October (citing both the National Library of Medicine and American Veterinary Association), around 30 to 50 people annually die due to dog bites, which account for less than 1% of 4.5 million bite incidents each year.

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