Georgia Toffolo opens up about unlikely friendship with Stanley Johnson after I'm A Celeb

Georgia Toffolo has celebrated her unlikely friendship with Stanley Johnson after first meeting on I'm A Celebrity.

Video transcript

- You actually made friends though with Stanley Johnson in the camp. And it became this mad thing, didn't it, where everyone was obsessed about how you two ended up becoming friends. Are you still mates?

GEORGIA TOFFOLO: Yeah, still. I mean, he's pretty good. I think-- I don't know how old he is now. He's definitely in his 80s.

- Yeah.

GEORGIA TOFFOLO: But he's really good with his phone. So the FaceTimes probably every couple of weeks on the phone, Stan. So it's like-- I'm still in the jungle with him. He's brilliant. He makes me laugh.

- Yeah, I love the idea of you FaceTiming and stuff.

GEORGIA TOFFOLO: I know. And sometimes, he does the classic-- you know, he doesn't know that it's on FaceTime.

- Yeah.