Geri Halliwell-Horner shows full support for husband Christian amid text leak with passionate kiss

Christian Horner resting his hands on Geri Horner's shoulders
(Bryn Lennon - Formula 1)

Christian Horner has recently found himself at the centre of a storm as even though he was cleared of allegations of 'coercive behaviour', his alleged private messages to another woman were leaked.

His wife, Geri Halliwell-Horner, has so far remained silent about the messages and the investigation, however, at this week's Bahrain Grand Prix, the singer showed full support for her husband as she was seen passionately kissing the Red Bull Racing team principal.

Geri Horner and Christian Horner kissing
Geri and Christian shared a passionate kiss (Kym Illman)

The mum-of-two arrived at the Bahrain Grand Prix on Saturday holding her husband's hand and photographers captured a moment when he bent down to kiss her, which was reciprocated by the former Spice Girls singer.

Geri was dressed in a signature white look, rocking a sleeveless dress as she walked the paddock with Christian. The singer also carried a contrasting black handbag with her.

Geri Halliwell and Christian Horner holding hands
The couple walked through the paddock hand in hand (Clive Mason)

The Grand Prix ended up being joyous for Christian, as his driver, Max Verstappen, won the first event of the 2024 season for the team. Max's teammate, Sergio Perez, finished in second place for the season opener.

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It had been a stressful month for the 50-year-old, as on 5 February, it was confirmed that Red Bull were launching an investigation into his conduct, with Christian "completely" denying the claims.

The businessman was cleared on 28 February, with Red Bull saying in a statement: "The independent investigation into the allegations made against Mr Horner is complete, and Red Bull can confirm that the grievance has been dismissed. The complainant has a right of appeal. Red Bull is confident that the investigation has been fair, rigorous and impartial.

"The investigation report is confidential and contains the private information of the parties and third parties who assisted in the investigation, and therefore we will not be commenting further out of respect for all concerned. Red Bull will continue striving to meet the highest workplace standards."

Geri Halliwell in a white dress and Christian Horner arriving at the Bahrain Grand Prix
The pair arrived at the venue together (Clive Mason)

Despite being cleared, messages that Christian was alleged to have exchanged with a female employee at Red Bull were leaked after being shared with Formula 1 bosses and journalists.

The messages feature flirty exchanges between the duo, with the unnamed woman expressing a dissatisfaction of some of Christian's requests for photos and the nature of the messages due to his marriage to Geri.

Geri Horner and Christian Horner laughing with a man
The couple were seen laughing with other spectators (Clive Rose)

Geri and Christian walked down the aisle on 15 May 2015 and they marked their eighth anniversary last year with unseen wedding photos, including one of Christian looking absolutely in love as he first laid eyes on his bride.

The couple began dating in February 2014 before announcing their engagement nine months later. Since their marriage, they have amassed a £440million fortune and have welcomed a son called Monty. The former singer is also a mum to her daughter Bluebell, while Christian has daughter Olivia with his ex-wife Beverley Allen.

Geri Halliwell-Horner kissing husband Christian on the cheek
Geri and Christian began dating in 2014 after first meeting in 2009 (Instagram)

Revealing what happened the first time the pair met, which was back in 2009, Christian shared: "She was a guest of Bernie Ecclestone's in Monaco one year and came down the pit lane. I remember [McLaren boss] Ron Dennis was standing next to me and Eddie Jordan was there as well. Anyway, she gave Ron a kiss on the cheek, and she gave Eddie a kiss on the cheek. So I thought, 'OK, I'm on for a kiss on the cheek here!' And I went to give her one and she shoved her hand out at me!"

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