German supermarket removes all foreign groceries from its shelves to make a point about racism

The supermarket was stripped of all foreign food (CEN)

A supermarket in Germany has taken all foreign groceries off its shelves to show how just little would be left for people to buy if racists got their own way.

The Edeka supermarket in Hamburg made the move to make a point about the narrow-minded views of racism.

All foreign products were cleared from the shelves on Saturday, with the supermarket temporarily only selling German products.

Shelves were left nearly empty in the store in Hamburg (CEN)
The supermarket said their shelves were boring without variety (CEN)

Small signs were placed around the supermarket with messages that read: “This shelf is quite boring without variety.”

The salad bar in the supermarket had a sign saying “our selection knows borders today”, leaving customers unable to buy tomatoes from Spain or olives from Greece.

The cheese counter had a sign that said: “So empty is a shelf without foreigners.”


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An Edeka spokesman said: “Edeka stands for diversity, and we produce a wide range of food in our assortment, which is produced in the different regions of Germany. But it is together with products from other countries that we create the unique diversity that our customers value.

“We are delighted to have received a lot of positive feedback regarding Saturday’s action.”

It is still unclear if the empty supermarket shelves were part of an art project or an advertisement campaign.

The stunt was intended to prove a point about racism (CEN)

They have previously released a John Lewis-style tearjerking Christmas commercial that featured a grandfather eating Christmas dinner all alone as none of his busy children could come over.

The advert shows him faking his own death, prompting his shocked children to visit and finding a dining room table full of food waiting for them, with their elderly father alive and well.