Germany committed to supply Kyiv with additional Leopard tanks

Members of the G7 group of developed countries reaffirmed their commitment to Ukraine, and the war of aggression it is fighting.

The US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan pledged to continue to support Kyiv financially and with arms, while continuing on the path of sanctions against Moscow.

The German chancellor has said he will provide additional Leopard tanks.

"Unfortunately, even after a year of war and bloodshed, I see no effort by Russia to end this criminal war. On the contrary, Putin continues to engage in irresponsible nuclear behaviour and is now calling into question the last disarmament treaty on strategic nuclear weapons, the treaty with the United States," said the German chancellor.

The US president, for his part, has sought to ease tensions with China, arguing that there is "no evidence" that Beijing is providing weapons to Russia.