Germany’s Lindner Says US Ties Are Key No Matter Election Result

(Bloomberg) -- Transatlantic ties are essential and will prevail irrespective of November’s US presidential election results, according to German Finance Minister Christian Lindner.

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“No matter who governs in the White House, we have an overriding interest in cooperating across the Atlantic, economically, politically and also in matters of security,” he said in London on Monday.

Echoing earlier comments, the German politician highlighted that “we will only be attractive as Europeans to whoever is in the White House if we do our own homework.”

“In other words: only when Europe takes responsibility for its own security, only when we are once again competitive on the world stage as an economy, will we be an attractive counterpart at eye level for Washington, regardless of who is in power there,” he said.

Lindner has previously stressed that Europe talks too much about Donald Trump, who is the current Republican front-runner for the nomination for US president.

Bloomberg reported last week that the European Union is working on a formal evaluation of what a second Trump presidency would look like and is planning how to respond to any punitive trade measures that would hit the bloc if he wins the US election.

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