Germany to take part in Gaza airdrops, say government sources

Packages fall towards northern Gaza

BERLIN (Reuters) - The German Air Force will take part in humanitarian airdrops into Gaza, amid an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe, at the request of the foreign ministry in Berlin, government sources said on Tuesday.

With aid agencies saying deliveries into Gaza have been held up by bureaucratic obstacles and insecurity since the start of the war on Oct. 7, and even Israel's allies demanding easier aid access to the enclave, attention has shifted towards alternative routes including sea and airdrops.

The U.N. estimates a quarter of the population in Gaza is now at risk of starvation.

Several countries have taken part in the drops so far, including Jordan, the United States, Egypt, France and Belgium. Morocco was also scheduled to join the effort, Israeli media reported.

(Reporting by Alexander Ratz, Writing by Miranda Murray, Editing by Madeline Chambers)