Getting Ready With Jordan Roth in Rodarte for the 2024 Tony Awards

For the 2024 Tony Awards, Broadway producer — and known fashion lover — Jordan Roth tapped the Rodarte team for a custom look.

The dress featured no visible seams, which Roth declared to be “one of the many miracles of this Rodarte magic.”

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“The moment Laura Mulleavy brought out this exquisite leaf-embroidered tulle, the piece began to take shape. The fabric said where it wanted to live on my body and what it wanted to become,” Roth added. “A celebration of the vines of Dionysus, god/dess of wine and theater.”

As for accessories, Roth pulled out a piece he’s been saving for the right moment.

“I have been waiting for the perfect look and night to wear this emerald choker that my dear Emmanuel Tarpin created for me. Tonight’s the night,” he said.

Roth worked with Brent Lawler and Sil Bruinsma on hair and makeup, which was “a mix of cracking each other up and serious business,” he said.

“The leaves that Brent is putting in my hair were growing in Chelsea yesterday, and after a quick coat of black paint — and some Sharpie touch-ups — will top off the look today.”

His number-one glam pro tip, which he put into effect on Sunday? “Powder through tissue to make these lips last all night — and from carpet to after party, this is a 10-hour night.”

The Tony Awards hold a special place in Roth’s heart, outside of being Broadway’s big night. Twenty-one years ago, it’s where he and husband Richie Jackson first met.

“This night is always our anniversary party,” Roth said.

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