Ghosts viewers' verdict on final season premiere

charlotte ritchie as alison, ghosts season 5
Ghosts viewers' verdict on final season premiereBBC

Spoilers for Ghosts season five, episode one follow.

Fans have given their verdict on the premiere of the final season of Ghosts as they prepare to say goodbye to the Cooper's and the friendly faces of Button House.

Tonight (October 6), BBC One aired the first episode of season five, with the rest of the episodes now available to watch on iPlayer.

"I'm not ready for this to be the start of the end," one person wrote on Twitter/X.

"It's back. It's brilliant and I'm gutted that's the last EP 1 of a series we'll get to see," another added.


"I'm actually so sad that this is the final season," a third fan wrote, adding: "Don't know whether to binge to avoid spoilers or wait for the weekly eps just to drag out the final season #BBCGhosts."

The episode saw Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) attempt to play an April Fool's prank on Button House's undead after being tricked into believing she could no longer see the its deceased inhabitants.

charlotte ritchie as alison, ghosts season 5

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As Alison was preoccupied with pranking the ghosts, Mike was more concerned about their dire finances and frantically convincing a loss adjuster to pay out on their insurance claim.

However, the big twist came at the end of the episode after Alison announced to Mike — and the ghosts — that she was pregnant, leading to a heart-warming congratulations from her unconventional family.

Speaking about the big reveal, actress Charlotte Ritchie recently told Digital Spy how Alison's pregnancy would impact the couple's decisions going forward.

"The biggest thing is that it made me feel, as Alison, suddenly quite grown up," she explained.

charlotte ritchie as alison, jim howick as pat, ghosts season 5

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"It felt like you go through this phase of trying to grasp the last little bits of lacking responsibility. But it really felt kind of like, 'OK, things are serious now'."

Fortunately for Ghosts fans, season five won't be the last fans see of Alison, Mike and the gang. The show is confirmed to be returning later this year for a one-off Christmas special.

Ghosts season five airs on Fridays at 8.30pm on BBC One, with a series boxset available on BBC iPlayer.

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