Giant Emoji Creates Lolz For Passengers Flying In and Out of Bristol Airport :) :)

Gotta love a smiley face emoji (Picture: Tesco)

Forget crop circles - Let’s face it if aliens are going to try and speak to human kind, surely they would use emojis rather than cryptic signals.

Now this enormous emoji may not be martian-made but does entertain people flying to and from Bristol Airport - visible up to 10,000ft in the air.

Created by artists sponsored by Tesco Mobile - this cheery crop image was inspired by a survey of 2,000 people which found that a smile from a stranger is one of the best ways to yank commuters out of the early morning blues.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Tesco Mobile, Simon Groves said: ‘The popularity of people expressing themselves via emojis has exploded over the last couple of years.

‘We are committed to helping Brits wake up to better, and so, what better way than to create gigantic smiling emojis to make people grin on their commute?’

Which do you prefer- the crop-based or the paint smiley face? (Picture: Tesco)

Psychologist Dr Rob Yeung said: ‘Unsurprisingly, our study confirms that most of us struggle to get out of bed, but it’s often the small things that help us to feel good and prepare us for the day ahead.

‘Many people reported finding the brief social connection of reading about friends and family on social media rewarding.

‘A smile from a stranger also helps get many people’s days started well. Perhaps a gigantic smiling emoji may have a similar effect.’

So let’s see more giant Emojis on hillsides across the country - it could make Motorway travel just that little bit more fun.