Giant train rat stuns commuters - before something even bigger strikes from the shadows

City commuters were shocked when an enormous rat sprawled across the train floor was swiftly seized by an even bigger unidentified creature.

A video posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) captures the disturbing incident. The footage shows a sizable rodent twitching near a subway door in New York City.

The rat appears to be in distress, but before passengers could grasp the situation, it’s abruptly pulled out of view from beneath the door.

Moments later, a much larger creature emerges from the gap, prompting viewers to speculate about the terrifying event they had just witnessed., reported the Daily Star.

The eerie footage, uploaded by Crazy Clips, has racked up over 327,000 views. One user commented: "That's got to be master splinter."

Another exclaimed: "That looks as big as a cat! " A third asked: "Did a Xenomorph just whisk that rat away? " While another remarked: "And I thought the first one was big."

Meanwhile, above ground, New Yorkers are being introduced to wheelie bins as the city's latest tactic in combating the rampant rat population.

Mayor Eric Adams made the announcement on Monday (June 8), implementing a new rule that prevents residential landlords from stacking trash on the sidewalks.

Adams conceded that while the idea of storing rubbish in containers isn't novel, it represents a significant shift for the city's residents who have been accustomed to simply throwing out bin bags full of waste on the streets for decades.