Gigi Hadid is my angel, says Tan France

Tan France considers Gigi Hadid to be his "angel".

The 40-year-old designer co-hosts Netflix's 'Next in Fashion' series alongside the blonde beauty, and Tan has even leaned on Gigi for parental advice over recent years.

Tan - who has Ismail, two, and Isaac, six months, with his husband Rob France - told E! News: "I called her a lot the first few months of having a kid.

"She was the first person other than my literal family - my biological family, and I consider Gigi a sister.

"My biological family I told first, and then Gigi was the first friend I called. And then the next day, there was a care package at my house with all the essentials that I will need to get me through the first few months. Yeah, she's my angel. I love her."

Tan is happy to place his trust in Gigi, 28, and they've developed a close bond over recent years.

He said: "We're close-close. We're not just colleagues who do a show together. I trust her more than I do most people."

Meanwhile, Gigi previously admitted that the COVID-19 lockdown changed her career.

The model explained that lockdown and the birth of her daughter forced her to reevaluate her lifestyle.

Gigi - who has Khai, three, with her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik - explained: "I got pregnant and I really started to think about what I wanted after, when the world opened back up.

"It kept coming back to just a more stabilised schedule where I’m not in a different country every week."

Gigi ultimately opted to launch Guest In Residence, a line of cashmere designs.

She said: "This is very stabilising. I have an office that I come to. I know everyone here.

"I don’t have to look a certain way to show up. It’s a different experience for me, and it was the right time because I was ready for that."