‘Ginny & Georgia’ Star Antonia Gentry Debuts as Aveda Celebrity Partner in New Campaign for Diverse Curly Hair Types

Aveda has officially partnered with “Ginny & Georgia” actress Antonia Gentry on the brand’s new Be Curly Advanced collection, a line featuring hair care products designed specifically for the maintenance of waves, curls and coils.

The new selection of silicone-free formulas was crafted for long-wear performance, with each product clinically tested across all key indicators of curl performance — frizz protection, hydration, strength, shine and definition. The full collection includes the Aveda Be Curly Advanced Shampoo, Conditioner, Co-Wash, Intensive Curl Perfecting Masque, Curl Perfecting Primer, Curl Enhancer Cream and Coil Defining Gel.

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Aveda’s entire Be Curly Advanced collection.

Christine Hall, vice president of R&D at Aveda, explained the development process behind the collection, revealing the brand’s use of active ingredients. “These remarkable peptides — derived from hydrolyzed pea protein and vegetable protein — owe their efficacy to the hydrolysis process, which breaks down these proteins into small, potent peptide components. The diminutive size of these peptides facilitates their penetration into the hair, delivering unparalleled strengthening benefits.”

Often recognized for her titular role on the popular Netflix series “Ginny & Georgia,” Gentry was chosen as the face of Aveda’s new collection because of her signature curly locks. However, despite the star’s naturally coily hair looking effortless on television, Gentry admitted that until partnering with Aveda, finding the right products to maintain her natural hair has not been easy.

curly hair, Aveda's Be Curly Advanced collection
curly hair, Aveda's Be Curly Advanced collection

“Ever since I was young, there’s just been a growing and growing collection of curly hair products spilling out in my bathroom but sort of a trial and error, it’s overwhelming and when you find something that does work and does stick which I feel like I have with Be Curly — it is so relieving, it’s simplified my life a lot.”

Gentry continued, commenting on how Aveda’s Be Curly Advanced collection means more to her than just hair care. “I just think it’s another part of expression and identity. My hair is an extension of myself. Just the diverse nature of our hair, all that it can do, all that it can represent.”

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