Giraffe Diagnosed With Cancer Gives Birth

A giraffe with cancer gave birth to a calf at Seneca Park Zoo in New York on Wednesday morning, December 6, officials announced.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and the Seneca Park Zoo announced in a press release that Kipenzi, one of the zoo’s female Masai giraffes, safely gave birth to a calf Wednesday morning.

The zoo announced earlier this year that Kipenzi has a squamous cell carcinoma growth on her jaw. She continues to “eat well, behave normally, and allow Animal Care teams to treat the area,” the zoo said.

Bello said Kipenzi is “a remarkable giraffe” and "a great mother.

“I am proud and thankful for both the Animal Care team and the Zoo’s Veterinary Health team for their caring and diligent work this morning," he said in the press release.

The sex of the calf is not yet known, according to zoo officials.

“So far things are going smoothly with both baby and mother,” said Seneca Park Zoo Director Steve Lacy. “As always, the Animal Care Team and zoo staff are providing comprehensive care for the new calf. We can determine the sex of the new calf once we are able to get a closer look at the baby.”

Kipenzi and her calf would continue to bond behind the scenes over the coming days, the zoo said. Credit: Monroe County/Seneca Park Zoo via Storyful

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