Girl dumps guy DURING their first date by sending him the harshest text ever

First dates can go one of two ways – you either have the time of the life with your future bae or it crashes and burns awkwardly.

Sadly for one guy who was hoping to meet the girl of his dreams, his first date ended in the most spectacularly brutal fashion.

It all seemed to start OK for Twitter user ‘Trouble’, who took the object of his affections to see Rogue One.

Brutal: The text did not mince words (Twitter/@Ronoo_)
Brutal: The text did not mince words (Twitter/@Ronoo_)

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However, it went tragically downhill the second the mystery woman went to the toilet.

It turns out she didn’t go to the toilet at all – she was doing a runner and she sent a text message that made Trouble feel even worse than he already did.

She signed off saying that Trouble had a good heart but he was no doubt thinking about the heavy insult before that.

He posted the offending text to Twitter, where it has been retweeted over 30,000 times.

Top pic: Rex/posed by model