The girl hiding heartwarming notes that are 'making people smile'

Schoolgirl Megan Fisher hid heartwarming notes at Bulkington Library
Schoolgirl Megan Fisher hid heartwarming notes at Bulkington Library -Credit:Christopher Fisher

A kind-hearted young girl has been spreading joy at a local library to 'make people smile.' Megan Fisher wrote a series of heartwarming notes which she then hid at Bulkington Library.

Megan, from Nuneaton, had the thoughtful idea while visiting Bulkington Library with her nan and two-year-old cousin over Easter. She said she feels joy at making others 'smile and feel happy.'

It was just a few days ago that one of her heartwarming notes was found by a 5-year-old boy who said it 'filled his heart.' Toby came across the note while reading and was said to be 'bursting with happiness.'

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Mum Marie Fisher said her 13-year-old daughter Megan has 'always' enjoyed making thoughtful gestures for family and friends because she is 'kind-hearted.' She said: “It is just her!

“Megan has always done it with me, so she will leave little notes for me like: 'Have a nice day!' She will put them in my make-up bag and in my drawers where she knows I will go.”

Marie, 43, added: “It is lovely, what she did, and she is just so kind-hearted, she just likes to make people happy. She is so chuffed with herself.”

Megan said she hid 'loads' of notes inside books for people to find 'to make them smile.' It included a heartwarming note saying: 'You are beautiful!' which was found by a 5-year-old boy called Toby.

Childminder Michelle Bonsor said the note 'filled his heart so much' and 'made his day much happier.' She said: “Toby has spoken a lot about his find and was so happy to find it!

“It meant a great deal to him and he was literally bursting. It played a huge part in bringing a huge smile to his face!”

Megan told CoventryLive that she was 'really happy' to have made his day, saying: “I just think the world is so depressing and there are quite a few mean people about so it is quite nice to make people smile and make them happy.”

Mum Marie added: “It is just nice as there is a lot of doom and gloom in the world and her little kind words have made someone's day. You do not know what people are going through, so it is just lovely.“

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