Girl Scout Honored by City for Helping Save Her Mom's Life

A nine-year-old girl scout credited with helping to save her mom’s life by making a 911 call was presented with a special award at a city council meeting in Aurora, Illinois, on Tuesday, March 14.

On February 2, Aria Lamen was doing her homework when her mother Karen lost consciousness, city officials said. With no one else home, Aria made the 911 call.

In a statement, the City of Aurora said Aria “was courageous and calm and that made all the difference in helping to save her mom’s life.”

Aria’s mother, Karen Lamen, who spent 16 days in hospital, said she was “overwhelmed and beyond grateful” in a speech during the ceremony. “Seeing me on the floor was not easy, I’m sure it wasn’t at all, but you did such a great job and I am super proud of you and I love you,” she said. “You’re my little nurse and you’re my little angle.” Credit: City of Aurora via Storyful