Girl's birthday cake topper goes up in flames at Plymouth pub

A Plymouth teenager's birthday cake topper went up in flames mid-way through her family singing happy birthday at The Lopes Arms pub. Chloe Martin, 25, watched as a waitress brought out the birthday cake on sister Kacey Cole's 18th birthday last Tuesday.

But guests were shocked when they began to notice a pampas grass cake topper catching alight mid-song. Birthday girl Kacey, from Plymouth, was in shock when she realised.

She could then be seen beginning to chuckle at the chaos as the waitress whisked away the burning cake topper. Luckily the cake - baked by mum Lisa Cole, 45 - wasn't burnt and the rest of her birthday day went without a hitch.

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Big sister Chloe said: "We were just having a family meal at the local pub - mum makes us all a cake every year. She goes a bit over the top - this year she ordered the pampas grass topper.

"She never does anything by halves! When it was brought out and caught fire, everyone stopped singing - it was one of those moments where everyone was looking at each other like 'am I allowed to laugh?'

"Everyone was thinking 'did that really just happen?'. My sister said it was the highlight of her birthday - everyone was laughing and talking about it after.

"Luckily nobody was hurt and everyone loved the actual cake."