'Gladiators' star Cobra reveals he was sometimes drunk on the show

Cobra with Ulrika Jonsson and Warrior. (John Jones - PA Images via Getty Images)
Cobra with Ulrika Jonsson and Warrior. (John Jones - PA Images via Getty Images)

Gladiators’ Cobra has admitted he was sometimes drunk on the 90s show.

The TV star – whose real name is Michael Wilson – said that he used to enjoy a tipple with his fellow Gladiator Shadow (Michael Jefferson King), who is currently in jail for his part in a blackmail plot over a drugs debt.

“Yeah, I used to drink before shows,” he told the Daily Star.

Cobra claimed that he and his fellow Gladiators on the sports entertainment game show were made to feel as if they were replaceable.

“I thought, I might not be back again, I'm going to enjoy this as much as I can,” he said.

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"So, between shows, we had hospitality beer and wine, and that was flowing about so I'd party. And there was several shows I'm drunk on.

"This one show where I'm on a game called Swing Shot, that big bungee around your waist and you jump off a big 15-foot platform. And I'm going, 'Weeeeee!' and you can hear it, like, 'Look at me I'm drunk'."

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND:  Wolf (Michael van Wijk) and host Ulrika Jonsson during the filming of Gladiators for Comic Relief at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, which was shown during the Red Nose Day telethon on March 14, 1997. The event raised over £27m for charitable causes. (Photo by George Bodnar/Comic Relief via Getty Images) (Photo by Comic Relief/Comic Relief via Getty Images)
'Gladiators' was a huge hit. (Comic Relief via Getty Images)

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The star said that on one occasion he was “wobbling and struggling to focus” during The Wall challenge.

The TV show, which was hosted by Ulrika Jonsson, originally aired from 1992 to 2000 and was a huge hit with viewers.

It was revived from 2008 to 2009, and there has been speculation about whether there might be some sort of reunion or reboot next year when it celebrates its 30th anniversary.

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