Glasgow driver baffled after receiving parking ticket despite clearly displaying disabled badge

The driver was shocked when he spotted the parking ticket
-Credit: (Image: Supplied)

A Glasgow motorist has been left baffled after he noticed he had been slapped with a parking ticket despite a disabled badge being clearly displayed on the dashboard.

George Kennedy had parked his car within a bay near his home on White Street, in Partick, last Wednesday (June 26) when he noticed a fine was placed on his vehicle.

As a disabled badge user, George does not need to purchase a resident parking permit and is free to park in any designated space free of charge.

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The car owner is now attempting to dispute the fine with the local authority.

George told Glasgow Live : "When I spotted the ticket I thought that it surely couldn't be right. I went down to my car and I felt annoyed.

"I tried to phone Glasgow City Council but I was told to phone back later. When I went to the website to appeal it, the page was under constuction.

"I decided to try go to the offices on John Street and I was told by security that I wouldn't be able to speak to anybody because no one was inside.

"It was frustrating because I didn't know who to speak to."

A copy of the ticket was emailed to George which left him with more questions. Pictures snapped by the traffic warden appear to show the car stopped fully in the bay and the date and reference number on the badge clearly displayed.

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The angered driver said: "Everything that is relevant is clearly pictured. There is no way I will be paying it.

"I've had my share of tickets in my life and I am willing to hold my hands and admit fault. In this instance I'm not taking the blame."

Glasgow City Council state that the ticket was issued because the badge wasn't correctly displayed. A small hologram in the corner of the badge was not seen by the warden.

A spokesman said: “A parking ticket was issued in this case as the blue badge was not displayed properly and so the authenticity of the blue badge could not be verified.

“The ticket has been appealed and the appeal will be dealt with appropriately.”