Glasgow east end woman 'terrified' after 'XL Bully' savaged elderly pup while on walk

An East End woman has told how locals are 'terrified' to leave their homes after her beloved pet was savaged by an 'XL bully' while out on a walk near their home.

Marion Thomson, from the Craigend area of the city, had just got back from a family party when her husband decided to take Scamp for a walk near their home at around 1am. The 13-year-old pup and Barry had been walking towards fields on Mossvale Way when the suspected Bully appeared out of nowhere and launched an attack.

The unmuzzled and unleashed dog pounced on the elderly pet - pinning him to the ground as it bit into an area between the neck and shoulder. Horrified, Barry was forced to jump on top in a desperate attempt to stop the powerful dog from killing helpless Scamp

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Marion has now said that locals are scared to go outside following multiple reports of XL bully attacks in the area. Speaking to Glasgow Live, she said: "It appeared out of nowhere and pinned Scamp to the ground by the neck.

"My husband had to lie across it because he thought it was going to kill him. The attack lasted around five minutes before they could be broken apart."

Following the attack, Scamp was rushed to the vets who said they wouldn't be able to close his wounds because they had become infected. The dog has now been given antibiotics, however, Marion worries that due to his age, he might not survive.

She added: "They can't stitch him because his shoulder is badly infected, it has to come out first, and the swelling goes down before they can even think of that. We're worried it's going to finish him off, he's 13.

"Even outside of his injuries, it's going to take a long time for him to build up the confidence he once had. He's scared to approach us which isn't like him, he's usually a daddy's boy. He's also not eaten since Sunday."

The couple contacted the police following the incident and gave them the address provided by the person who owned the dog. However, it is claimed that when officers arrived the owner denied that her dog had attacked the pup.

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Marion says she now worries for the life of her two-year-old granddaughter with the owners of the dog only living a street away. She also claims that locals are now scared to go outside following two other incidents in the area involving an XL Bully attacking dogs.

She added: "We've got a two-year-old granddaughter that comes to visit. What would happen if it went for her? What would have happened if it had turned on my husband?

"The dog is a danger. Every dog owner here is terrified to take their dog out because of what's going on."

Marion now believes it could take a child being attacked on a serious incident for police to clamp down on XL Bully owners who flaunt the law and refuse to control their dogs.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 1.15am on Sunday, 5 May, 2024, officers received a report of a dog having attacked another dog on Mossvale Way, Glasgow.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

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