Glasgow family launch urgent missing appeal after man fails to return from holiday

A family from Glasgow have issued an urgent missing appeal on social media after a man failed to return home from his holiday.

Sam Kennedy was due to land back in the Scottish city on Thursday (June 27) after spending time in Krakow, Poland, however, he has not been in touch with his family which has caused concern.

Sam's sister Robyn has now issued a post on Facebook asking for those with any information regarding his whereabouts to come forward.

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She wrote: "This is my brother Sam, he was supposed to have returned home from Poland (Krakow) on Thursday night but me and my family have not heard from him.

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"If anyone knows any information that could help us find us find him please let us know and please share this post so we can reach as many people as possible.

"Any help is hugely appreciated by me and my family. Thank you."

An FCDO spokesperson said: “We are supporting the family of a British national missing in Poland."

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