Glasgow First bus love story inspires 'ode to the bus' poem

Lynne and John's loves tory began on a Glasgow First Bus
-Credit: (Image: First Bus)

A true Glasgow love story has inspired a powerful poem encouraging Scots to communicate on public transport.

Lynne and John’s romance began on a First Bus, where they took the same route to work every morning.

After several mornings of locking eyes and exchanging smiles, John mustered up the courage to ask Lynn out. As he got off the bus one day, he slipped her his phone number. With only his number in hand, Lynn made the first move and reached out to John.

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The pair soon began dating and their relationship grew stronger overtime. Fast forward 18 years later and Lynne and John has been married for 13 years and share two children together, Catherine, 16, and Finlay, 12.

The couple's heartwarming story is a testament to the unexpected places where love can be found - which has inspired a poem released by First Bus and written by George the Poet, ‘ode to the bus’. It comes off the back of research indicating that Scots want to connect more in public spaces

Their journey from bus rides to building a life together showcases the magic of everyday moments and what small interactions can lead to. They say they will forever thank First Bus for the role it played in bringing them together.

The refreshing poem 'ode to the bus' is inspired by various Glaswegian stories and is encouraging Scots to strike up conversations whilst commuting.

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New research commissioned by First Bus found that over four in five Scottish commuters think buses are an important way of connecting with their community. However, the tech-led modern world has driven us to living more singular lives than ever before with nine in ten struggle to make conversation.

You can watch the full poem from George the Poet (in which Lynne and John feature) here.

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