Glasgow Green attack leaves dog owner 'shaken up' as greyhound mauled by animal off leash

A picture of Barbie just moments before the attack
A picture of Barbie just moments before the attack -Credit:Supplied

A Glasgow pet owner has been left "shaken up" after her five-year-old pup was attacked by an off-leash dog at a popular city centre park.

On the evening of April 20, Chloe was enjoying some dry weather with her partner and greyhound Barbie at Glasgow Green. At around 7.30pm they began to walk home, when Chloe spotted two dogs close by which happened to be off their leads.

Recalling the moment, Chloe said she felt "uneasy" about the dogs being off their leash and stopped walking with Barbie until they had passed by. However, before she knew it one of the dogs - which she described looking like 'Pocket Bully' - sped towards Barbie.

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Barbie recovering at home
Barbie recovering at home -Credit:Supplied

Speaking to Glasgow Live, Chloe, 25, said: "As we got up to leave I noticed a couple with two dogs who were both off leash - I am just wary of off-leash dogs in general so I stopped with Barbie and waited for them to walk by.

"We were about five metres away from them when one of their dogs noticed Barbie - it then started running towards us so I stood in front of her and yelled 'stop!'"

Chloe then claims that the dog's owner yelled: "stop him because he'll bite".

She continued: "The dog then ran around me and started attacking Barbie - the owner was then trying to recall his dog but it wouldn't listen to him."

She now has intense bruising and a swollen front leg
She now has intense bruising and a swollen front leg -Credit:Supplied

Chloe claims the out-of-control dog did not have a collar or harness on, meaning she was unable to grab anything to yank him off. She then had to "wrap" her arms around the dog and try pull it off of whimpering Barbie.

Chloe kept hold of the dog until Barbie was out of sight - she added: "The owner then grabbed his dog and put a collar and leash on which is when I said 'put your dog on a leash' but he replied by getting aggressive and told me that Barbie is vicious."

Defending Barbie, Chloe described her as a "loveable" and "sweet" dog who wouldn't "harm a fly".

Barbie was left with bite marks, intense bruising and a haematoma on her left leg.

Chloe and her partner rushed Barbie to Vets Now Hospital in Glasgow where she received testing and treatment to injuries on her left shoulder, armpit and her front and back left legs. The pup is now recovering at home however, has developed severe swelling in her front left leg and intense bruising pretty much all over her body.

Chloe described the ordeal as "absolutely terrifying" and is now urging pet owners to have their dog on a leash when strolling through public parks, especially if they are not trained to respond to their recall.

The "heartbroken" pet owner claims the owners of the off-leash dog showed no concern for Barbie nor offer an apology for their dog's actions.

Barbie's injuries raked up a vet bill of over £1,865, leaving Chloe out of pocket.

The incident was reported to Police Scotland and Glasgow Dog Warden - both have been approached for comment.

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