Glasgow homeless woman who worked by day and slept rough at night says city 'saved her life'

Kloe arrived in Glasgow without a home
-Credit: (Image: Phoenix Independent Photography)

A formerly homeless woman now off to university to study her passion says moving to Glasgow completely changed her life for the better.

Originally from Cornwall, musician Kloe Revell was living in a homeless unit in Biggar after losing her job.

The 34-year-old was desperate to get back on her feet after arriving in the city during the Commonwealth Games, when she was offered a job at the Hilton on Glasgow's William Street.

Kloe took the leap and used what little money she had left to travel to the city awash with sporting fever - but despite earning money, she couldn't afford to keep a roof overhead and was left sleeping on the streets.

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She told Glasgow Live: "I had just lost my job. I was desperate to turn my life around.

"It was the Hilton on William Street that gave me a job during the Commonwealth Games. I travelled to Glasgow and quickly realised I didn't have the money to afford to travel back and forth from Lanark.

"I ended up sleeping rough in Glasgow while working.

"A colleague saw me sitting at the McDonalds at the Four Corners with a cup of tea. They asked why I wasn't at home and if I was on a night out. I had to explain to them that I didn't have anywhere to go.

"They gave me a room in the hotel to stay in while I was working to save money, then eventually I was able to move to Anniesland."

Kloe encountered a number of mental health challenges along the way during her 10 years in Glasgow - but her desire to change her life continued to grow.

She says her positive mindset was thanks to support from kind Glaswegians who wanted to see the passionate music lover succeed.

Kloe has now completely transformed her life after moving to Glasgow a decade ago
Kloe has now completely transformed her life after moving to Glasgow a decade ago -Credit:supplied

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She said: "I have always found it hard to fit in. But when I got off that train in 2014 I was met with really friendly Glaswegians. I couldn't fully understand the accent at the time but they really helped me navigate around the city.

"I realised that people do really make Glasgow. I'm also into my music and the scene here is so passionate.

"Everyone is so supportive."

Kloe now has the confidence to sing at open night mics
Kloe now has the confidence to sing at open night mics -Credit:Phoenix Independent Photography

As the pandemic hit, Kloe decided lockdown was the ideal opportunity to quit her nine-to-five job and return to education at Glasgow Clyde College.

Kloe said: "The past few years I've been studying music and I recently got my HND. This has really allowed me to express myself.

"I feel like people battling with their mental health are not expected to achieve anything but I want to change that.

"With the right support it is always possible to hit your goals."

The formerly homeless student is now looking forward to studying music at Falmouth University, back in her native Cornwall. However, it's Scotland's biggest city that she credits with giving her the confidence to pursue higher education.

Kloe added: "When I first came here I felt so disconnected. Glasgow has reshaped me and it has allowed me to grow as a person.

"It will always be home to me because I've gone through a number of things in this city but I'm still standing. The people of Glasgow have made me strong.

"I've met so many friends here. I feel the passion and drive I've felt here has pushed me.

"Glasgow is a tough city but it is also very rewarding."