New Glasgow restaurant Rumi to bring an authentic taste of Turkey to city centre

Rumi is set to open on Hope Street
Rumi is set to open on Hope Street -Credit:Sean Murphy

A brand new restaurant is set to bring the authentic flavours of Turkey to Glasgow's city centre.

New spot Rumi is set to open its doors at 96-98 Hope Street next month, promising to entice foodies with tantalising mezes, kebabs, seafood and aromatic stews.

Named after the renowned 13th-century Persian poet and mystic Rumi, the restaurant aims to "evoke the essence" of Turkish culture and cuisine, offering what they say is a more in-depth take on the cuisine of the popular destination country.

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Reflecting the "melting pot of flavours, influenced by centuries of history and cultural exchange" that you'll find there, the team say Rumi "promises to elevate the dining experience" by offering a "diverse array of authentic Turkish dishes".

At the helm of Rumi is Zafer, an entrepreneur with a passion for hospitality and a lifelong dream of sharing the flavours of his homeland with the world.

Having moved to Glasgow in early 2007, Zafer has tirelessly honed his skills within the Scottish hospitality industry, working in hotels and restaurants across the city.

Now, with the opening of Rumi, Zafer's dream has finally come true, marking a new chapter in his culinary journey.

He said: "We are thrilled to introduce Rumi to the vibrant food scene of Glasgow. Our mission is to offer a truly authentic Turkish dining experience, where guests can savour the flavours of Turkey while immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of Turkish culture."

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