Glasgow Wetherspoons on Great Western Road gets green light for revamp

A Glasgow Wetherspoons is set for a make-over after plans to make it more “energy efficient” were approved at the city council’s planning committee.

Esquire House, which sits at 1487 Great Western Road, will see the existing set of double doors replaced with four new hardwood double doors at ground floor level.

Above the entrance, four new fixed aluminium windows will be installed while seven windows, on either side of the entrance on the first floor, will be replaced with six new aluminium wider windows.

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Plans were brought before elected members after 12 objections were submitted concerning noise, antisocial behaviour, an increase in the number of customers, pressures on parking and an impact on property prices.

One letter of support was also received.

During the meeting, councillor Eva Bollandar asked if the car park would be used as a beer garden.

She said: “It looks like there is an outdoor beer garden in the parking lot as well towards the railway line. Is that correct?”

A council officer advised that this was not the case and that Google street view photographs do show the car park being used as a temporary beer garden at some point.

The officer confirmed the car park is no longer used as a beer garden.

Councillor Bollandar then said: “I don’t have any major objections to this. I think this is very satisfactory and will probably be a good improvement to the building as such and the use of it.

“I can’t see that the neighbours are that close and would be impacted to a greater deal. We have a licensing and enforcement officer in that respect so the council shouldn’t see any problems occurring with the use.”

Councillor Imran Alam added: “I think that the pub has been there for a long time. I certainly remember it from my school days walking past it many many years ago.

“They have served the locals' interests very well and I don’t think they are going to be doing anything drastic to change the front of the building.

“They are changing the windows to make it more energy efficient. I don’t think it is going to impact the residential properties nearby so I don’t have any issues with this one.”

Following the discussion, councillors unanimously granted planning permission.

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