Glastonbury Festival mum's ingenious idea praised for keeping children safe in crowds

Donna Reid's children Leo, Kal-El and Ralphi (mis-spelled on the jacket) all have high-vis with contact details on the front and their names on the back
-Credit: (Image: Bristol Live)

A savvy mum has decked out her kids in high-vis jackets with a clever twist to ensure they stay safe at Glastonbury Festival.

Mum-of-five Donna Reid and her partner Mark have taken a unique approach to child safety for their festival adventure at Worthy Farm. Donna, who met Mark at the festival's Arcadia, is no stranger to the festival scene and believes Glastonbury is a fantastic experience for families.

Calling the festival "magical" she said: "Nowhere else compares." The mum has attended the world-famous event around a dozen times and has also taken her family to Parklife festival, among others.

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With plenty of experience under her belt, Donna, from Stockport, has a trick or two to share with other parents and guardians. Her twins, Leo and Ralphi, aged seven, and their nine year old brother Kal-El, often sport personalised high-vis jackets to festivals.

Speaking to Bristol live at the festival last year, she said the jackets are not only customised with the boys' names but also include Donna and Mark's contact details on the front, ensuring if the boys get separated from their parents, help is just a phone call away. Donna, whose eldest son Harvey, 15, was soaking up the festival vibes with them, explained they opted for the printed jackets as a precautionary measure.

This way, the children can enjoy the festival without the worry of memorising phone numbers, giving the whole family peace of mind amid the bustling crowds. Many families with young children enjoy the festival, and in 2023, possibly the youngest attendee was spotted.

Crowds at the main Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm
Crowds at the main Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival -Credit:Getty Images

Baby Isaac, just three months old, was seen snoozing in the queue to get into the festival with his parents Phil and Hayley. Hayley, from London, shared with Bristol Live: "We come every year so we know what we're doing. We got tickets for this year when I was pregnant and I know we will need to adapt, but we didn't want life to be on hold after having a baby."

Glastonbury Festival also has its own system in place to ensure the safety of families. Its guide mentions regarding lost children: "Lost children are cared for in the Kidzfield 9am-7pm, Thursday to Sunday. Any children found in the Green Kids area will be looked after there each day until 5pm, when they will be taken to Lost Kidz."

"After 7pm any children who have not been reunited with their parents, and any who might be lost during the night, will be looked after at Worthy Welfare. There are no creche facilities at the Festival and children with their parents' mobile number written on them or on a wristband will normally be reunited quickly."

Parents can collect free children's wristbands at Info Points, The Kidzfield, the Green Kids field and family camping areas. These bands have space for contact details to be written on.

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