Glen Powell Jokes “Top Gun: Maverick” Was a '$200 Million Ray-Ban' Ad, Yet He Still Doesn't Get Free Sunglasses

In a new interview with InStyle, the actor also revealed how he got his abs to look so glossy on set

<p>Paramount Pictures;Hubert Vestil/Getty</p> Glen Powell jokes about not getting free sunglasses despite wearing them all the time in "Top Gun: Maverick"

Paramount Pictures;Hubert Vestil/Getty

Glen Powell jokes about not getting free sunglasses despite wearing them all the time in "Top Gun: Maverick"

Glen Powell just jokingly confirmed that Top Gun: Maverick was secretly a sunglasses ad.

“Look, I did a $200 million Ray-Ban commercial called Top Gun: Maverick,” the actor, 35, said in a recent InStyle interview, referring to all the branded aviators that make an appearance in the movie.

Powell cracked the quip as he and his Hit Man costar Adria Arjona snooped around each other’s bags for InStyle's "Let's Unpack That” video segment that dropped the same day as their cover story for the outlet.

Unsurprisingly, Arjona pulled out a pair of Ray-Ban aviators from Powell’s sleek black carry-on. Surprisingly, Powell revealed he had to pay for them.

“Guess what? They still don’t give me free Ray-Bans,” the Anyone but You star joked again of the lack of free merch.

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Aside from sunglasses there’s something else the 2022 film, which also stars a Ray-Ban-wearing Tom Cruise, provides plenty of — and that's six-pack action we’re talking about that sexy shirtless beach scene.)

Powell revealed that he “greased up” his abs for his shirtless screen time, which doesn’t seem that uncommon for him to do.

Elsewhere in the InStyle clip, Powell gets a friendly call-in from his former Scream Queens costar, John Stamos, who verified that Powell “never wears clothes.”

“He likes to show off that body of his all the time,” the Full House alum said, remembering a certain shower scene that Powell had to shoot for the Fox series and for which he arrived to work “naked.”

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<p>Chris Saucedo/Getty</p> Glen Powell

Chris Saucedo/Getty

Glen Powell

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Powell also had to strip down when it came time to film Hit Man, which the actor also co-wrote.

“We had a scene in a bathtub in which the props guy, instead of putting bubble bath [soap], he put Dawn dish washing soap in the bubble bath and our skin started to come off in sheets," Powell confessed.

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It's clear that Powell works hard at maintaining his fit physique.

“If I don’t wake up and do something, for the rest of the day I feel like I’m playing catch-up,” he told Men’s Health in December. At the time, he said he’d gotten into pilates, which resulted in Powell noticing one particularly fascinating change to his body.

“I tried Pilates and there’s a dimple in my ass that I have never seen before, and it is great. Real crowd-pleaser that dimple."

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