Glen Powell Proposes Richard Linklater Direct His Pitched Body Swap Movie With Justin Hartley

On the night of the 2024 Golden Globes, The Hollywood Reporter mistook Justin Hartley for Glen Powell in a red carpet photo tweet. The gaffe went viral and was mentioned on The View. It eventually reached Powell, who tweeted, “I think this is the perfect time to announce that ⁦@justinhartley and I will be starring in the most boring body-swap movie of all time.”

When Powell visited THR‘s studio alongside his Hit Man co-writer and director Richard Linklater during the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, he was asked if he had been spitballing ideas for the body swap movie already.

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“Rick, do you want to direct the Glen Powell and Justin Hartley body swap movie?” the actor asked Linklater. The director responded, “Yeah, sure. Sign me up.” Powell then noted that he and Linklater are “talking about getting into the trenches” of making another film together. After THR suggested the body swap flick should be next, Linklater quipped, “I think it’s clear this will be the body swap movie of this generation.”

The movie idea stayed on Powell and Linklater’s minds. When asked about their goals for the year, Powell mentioned that he and Linklater will figure out plans for their next project once the filmmaker wraps up his latest film in Paris. “[We’ll do] a body swap with Justin Hartley movie,” said Powell. Linklater added, “I want to be in development and be in production in the fall, [with the] body swap movie with Justin Hartley — if we can get it together.” “Yeah, if we can do it,” chimed in the actor.

Watch the Hit Man interview in full above.

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