Glenkens Gun Club hold annual clay pigeon shoot

A field of 34 shooters took part in the club’s annual clay pigeon shoot at Craighead Farm, Dalry on Saturday.

The weather, although dry was very overcast and foggy, making the targets a little difficult to see at times.

The W D Lorimer Cup for the full day was won by Stevie Allan with a score of 144x150 and he also won the D H McCrone Shield for events two and three. The Coupland Cup for event three was won by Stuart Nichol after a tense shoot off with junior Cayleb Stuart.

The Brian Vincent Rosebowl for the highest overall score for shooters who have never been classified A or AA in down-the-line, was won by Finley Bell on 140x150 and he was also the highest scoring veteran and collected the McQuaker Cup. Runner up to the Rosebowl and taking the Carruthers Cup was John Carson on 139x150.

The Carnochan Cup for events two and three confined to members of the committee was won by David Bell and the Kyle Cup for events two, three and four, also confined to the committee, was won by Graham Cruickshanks.

The junior winner was Cayleb Stuart with a very creditable score of 125x150.

The Pool Trap was again hotly contested with the eventual winner being Billy Paton who received the McNaught Cup with runner up being Roy McCowan.

Other principal prizewinners were:

Event 1 – 29 pts: T Galashan, S Nichol. 28 pts: J Carson. 27 pts: B Renwick, S Allan, B Miller, A McKeand, D McCulloch, F Bell, I Edmonds, D McMath.

Event 2 – 30 pts: S Allan, W Little, P Trotman. 29 pts: F Bell, J Carson. 28 pts: B Renwick, A Gordon, I Edmonds.

Event 3 – 45 pts: C Stuart, S Nichol. 44 pts: D McMath. 43 pts: S Allan. 42 pts: M A Stuart, D McCulloch, F Bell. 41 pts: T Dill, J Carson.

Event 4 – 44 pts: S Allan, B Carson. 43 pts: W Little. 43 pts: D McMath, F Bell, A Gordon, B Paton, D McCulloch.