The Glory season 2 release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

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The Glory spoilers follow.

If you've watched season one of The Glory, you probably got to episode eight and wondered where the revenge went. After all, we've been waiting nearly as long as Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) for the ex-bullying victim to unleash her long-threatened hell on her former tormentors.

Then we got to the final episode and… well, not a lot of vengeance yet. At this rate, the revenge will have been served cold, then risen back to room temperature again, possibly leading to future gastric distress. That's revenge for you.

Don't worry, though, it's a two-parter! Netflix has already confirmed a return visit, and in the next eight episodes, we'll see the net squeeze tighter on the vicious Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon) and her hateful friendship group.

First things first: when can we expect it?

The Glory season 2 release date: When is The Glory part 2 on?

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It's official: part two is coming on March 10, 2023, according to Netflix itself. So you won't have to wait forever for that sweet, sweet closure.

The images they published in the tweet don't reveal a lot, but they do show at least one thing we were hoping for: a bloodied Jae-jun. The other scenes are more enigmatic: Yeon-jin is on the phone in the snow wearing a fetching pink coat; Dong-eun is looking stern and troubled (when is she not, frankly?); and interestingly, her love interest and Go teacher Yeo-jeong is sitting down to a game with Yeon-jin's master-of-the-universe husband Jung Sung-il.

This suggests Yeo-jeong is finally going to be involved directly in Dong-eun's plan, rather than hanging around on the sidelines looking lovesick and being medically noble. There's more info in the teaser trailer…

The Glory season 2 trailer: is there a trailer for part 2?

There certainly is!

In contrast to the slow burn of part one, the teaser shows that part two looks set to be packed with actual bloody vengeance: fire, gore and predictions of hellish doom for the apparently unrepentant Yeon-jin.

There are screams, boxes of money, fighting in the aisles at church and a lot of sinister grins. While the teaser doesn't give any indication of the method Dong-eun will use to get her vengeance, it's pretty clear that there will indeed be vengeance in spades. But will Dong-eun's soul be healed by her actions? We do hope so, but it doesn't seem likely.

The Glory season 2 cast: Who's in The Glory part 2?

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Naturally, it's the same bunch of characters played by the same stars, because their story remains very much unfinished.

So that means:

• Song Hye-kyo (Dong-eun)
• Lim Ji-yeon (Yeon-jin)
• Kim Hieora (Sa-ra)
• Jung Sung-il (Do-yeong)
• Cha Joo-young (Hye-jeong)
• Lee Do-hyun (Ju Yeo-jeong)
• Park Sung-hoon (Jeon Jae-jun)

And if there's no more of Yeom Hye-ran's Kang Hyeon-nam, then frankly, we riot. The domestic-abuse victim-turned-stealth detective is one of our all-time favourites, and she must be protected at all costs. She will get to eat stew and eggs at the dinner table with her daughter again!

Kim Gun-woo's thug and dealer Myeong-oh is dead, but that doesn't mean he won't return for flashbacks – we still don't know who killed him for sure.

Actor Song Hye-kyo has recently reflected on her time on the hit show, while also confirming the return of Moon Dong-eun (because there wouldn't a show without her, after all).

"I started to find acting fun again through The Glory," she explained to Elle Korea, according to Allkpop (via NME).

"I was really happy in bed at the end of the day after I finished filming a really difficult scene. I wanted to return to filming the next day and I couldn't wait until I am Moon Dong-eun again."

The Glory season 2 plot: What's going to happen in The Glory part 2?

song hyekyo , kim hieora, the glory

It's no stretch to suggest that Dong-eun's plan will come to fruition, though probably with some hitches along the way and, presumably, some meditation on the existential price of revenge (like missing out on decades of living).

Through an extremely complex series of flashbacks we've known from the start that Dong-eun intends to make her bullies' lives on Earth hell (and fair enough – the bullying scenes themselves were painful, some would argue gratuitously so), and that the plan seems to involve turning the gang against themselves. Death's too easy: the avenging angel wants them to suffer like she suffered.

First was Myeong-oh, who Dong-eun turned on his supercilious employer Jae-jun, getting him to steal DNA samples and prove the father of Yeon-jin's daughter is actually Jae-jun and not her husband Do-young. Myeong-oh was mysteriously killed, apparently not by Dong-eun, so we'll need to find out whodunnit before the final credits roll.

Cabin crew Hye-jeong was next, agreeing to serve Dong-eun's needs in return for escaping her vengeance. Do you think she'll be left alone? We don't. Dong-eun is not the forgiving type, even if Hye-jeong was in some ways as much a victim of Yeon-jin as Dong-eun was.

The two absolute worsts, Yeon-jin and Jae-jun are yet to feel the full force of Dong-eun's wrath, but when it comes, we presume it will arrive in the form of Ye-sol, their daughter, who is a) remarkably sweet and kind for the daughter of two out-and-out sadists, and b) the perfect weapon to turn on them.

The Glory season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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