Glossier Backs Team USA Basketball With Ultimate Beauty Support for the Olympics

Glossier has always been the girls' girl of the beauty world, so it's only fitting that it is the first beauty partner for the Olympics since 1995. The brand, which recently partnered with Caitlin Clark, has its sights on gold, and it's not just on lipgloss. Glossier announced its commitment to gift Team USA Basketball Women's National Team and Paralympic Games makeup, skincare and beauty products for their Europe travel. In addition, they aim to cultivate advertisement, community engagement and social media presence at games such as the USA Basketball exhibition game in London on July 23rd.

Glossier CEO Kyle Leahy shared, "There's been a long-standing notion that beauty and sports don't mix, and this partnership underscores the fact that that's simply not true. The USA Women's National Team is full of inspiring athletes with stories to tell on and off the court. We are thrilled to shine a light on them."

The USA team's glam, grit and glory is a match made in heaven with Glossier as their ultimate cheerleader. Glossier creates products meant to make everyone feel and look good. Naturally backed by the stellar record mentioned in the press release, "The USA Women's National Team medaling every Olympics in which it has participated, dating back to a silver medal in 1976," meaning greatness awaits.

"It's an important time for women's basketball in our country. The USA Basketball- Glossier partnership is further proof of the growth of our sport and interest in our team," said Women's National Team director Briana Weiss.

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