GM Is Destroying Yet Another Old Concept, the 2001 Pontiac REV

2001 pontiac rev concept in scrapyard
GM Is Destroying Yet Another Old ConceptKGP Photography - Car and Driver
  • General Motors is clearing out its archives, with the 2001 Pontiac REV becoming the second GM concept car spotted in a scrapyard this week.

  • The REV debuted at the 2001 Chicago auto show and drew inspiration from rally cars with its adjustable suspension that could raise by two inches.

  • Under the hood was a 245-hp supercharged V-6, but it appears the REV will never move again.

Spring cleaning appears to be underway at General Motors. A few days ago, the 1990 Cadillac Aurora concept—which had a cameo in the 1993 flick Demolition Man—was seen in a scrapyard waiting to be crushed. Now our spy photographer has sent photos of yet another GM concept, the 2001 Pontiac REV concept, sitting in the same scrapyard, presumably on its way to the automotive afterlife.

2001 pontiac rev concept
Car and Driver

Like the Aurora concept, the 2001 Pontiac REV was unveiled at the Chicago auto show. The concept was ahead of the curve, a sort of lifted sedan that Pontiac said was inspired by rally cars and was "equally at home on trails and asphalt." Under the hood was a 245-hp supercharged 3.0-liter V-6, which sent 200 pound-feet of torque through a five-speed sequential-shift transmission to all four wheels. There was also a height-adjustable suspension that could raise by two inches. A video from Motorweek at the time showed the concept moving under its own power.

The REV had a snazzy style, with an athletic stance that made it look like it was about to leap forward. The fluorescent green paint remains eye-catching to this day, and the angled headlights directly flowed into the shapely wheel arches. The headlights also had a system that responded to steering inputs to illuminate the road while turning, a feature which can be found on cars today. Two vents in the grille created an angry snout, while the rear end featured a full-width taillight consisting of 560 LEDs. Inside, there were three LCD screens in front of the driver, shaped like traditional gauges. The rear doors slid out and backwards.

2001 pontiac rev concept in scrapyard
KGP Photography - Car and Driver

The REV concept does not appear to be in great shape, sandwiched between a Cadillac Lyriq and a China-market Cadillac XT4. The taillight is missing its red lens cover as well as the Pontiac badge that lived on the triangular portion in the center. While the REV isn't one of the most famous Pontiac concepts, it was a creative endeavor full of intriguing ideas and sounds like it would've been a blast to drive. With the Pontiac brand already relegated to the history books, it's even more unfortunate to see the once prominent automaker's legacy being destroyed.

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