Reporter nearly blown over during hurricane coverage on 'GMB'

Good Morning Britain viewers feared for a reporter’s safety as he was almost blown over while covering a hurricane.

Presenter Jay Gray was reporting live from Louisiana in the US, where Hurricane Laura was bearing down.

As he tried to update the ITV show’s hosts Sean Fletcher and Ranvir Singh on the situation, Gray had to bend over against the strong winds and heavy, driving rain.

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He appeared to struggle to stay on his feet as he was buffeted by hefty gusts, and he had to hold onto his hat to stop it blowing away.

The hosts looked shocked by the extreme weather and Fletcher told the NBC reporter: "I think for your safety Jay we are going to have to leave you.”

He added that conditions were looking “dangerous”

Singh urged the reporter to take shelter, telling him: “Go and make yourself safe somewhere.”

Viewers also feared for Gray’s safety after the segment – and expressed disbelief that he had been out there in such dire weather in the first place.

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One person posted on Twitter: “That poor guy reporting on hurricane Laura. Surely one of the @GMB producers tells him to get to a safe place and don’t bother with the report?! He was being physically blown over!!”

“Is there any need for this person to be stood out in it risking his life. Why do these news programmes do this?” asked another.

“Absolutely ridiculous. So bloody irresponsible & totally unnecessary!!!” fumed another viewer.

“Watching someone get blown about and soaked to the skin in dangerous conditions? #notmycupoftea. We get it – it’s a hurricane, Now, come inside quickly,” said another person.

GMB did follow up with a tweet saying that Gray was fine.

The post said: “We would like to add @jaygraymatters is an experienced hurricane reporter with lots of safety measures in place.

“He is safe and well.”